SA-042 ZW8M


Our DX-pedition to Mexiana Island, in the Para State West group, SA-042 island was initially scheduled to be accomplished in one airplane, however would need three airplanes, a  Aero Comanche and two Pipers. The need for two additional aircraft was the result two addition teams accompanying us, a television crew from AmazonSat and a team of sport fisherman.

After arrival on Mexiana Island, three stations were set-up for ZW8M, two for SSB and one for CW operation.We had problems with the propagation from zones  2, 34, 37 ,39 and 33.

We didn’t have favorable conditions to Japan, in spite of all of the efforts we were not able work into JA. For the entire expedition we made 6,200 QSOS and contacted 120 DXCC entities. The propagation at that time that were in Mexiana it was not very good, because there we were in the middle of winter, May 21 – 25, 2003, and for the information that we have the best time, it is of August to October.

Mexiana is the easternmost island of the Amazon estuary, in the State of Pará, separated from Marajó Island by an arm of that river, with 6 miles of width. Even though the Equator dissects the island, the island experiences pleasant temperature because of the constant blow of “aliseo” winds. Numerous small rivers form a group of small islands and there are dense forests. In this ecological paradise they are found capivaras, suçuaranas, lizards, caititus, monkeys, deer, alligators, jibóias, chameleons and turtles, not to mention the dozens of species of birds. Among the fish – tucunarés, tambaquis, the dangerous piranhas – stands out the pirarucu, the cod of  the Amazôn

In spite of the proximity of Atlantic Ocean, the waters that bathe Mexiana are always fresh, because of the force of the Amazon’s flow that pushes the ocean salt water for about 200 km away from the coast. Mexiana is one of the oldest Pará islands, with approximately 100.000 hectares, 190 km. (Location GPS of our private airport: S 00º 06 ‘ W 049TH 35 ‘).

Away from Belém, in straight line. The Reicon Group, that holds Fontur Tourism Agency and has offices in Belém and Manaus, acquired a privileged 38.000 hectares area intending to create a Reservation for Environmental Protection and Ecological Tourism to promote sport fishing. That is why the Marajó Park Resort was created, with total autonomous infrastructure of services: electric power, watering , swimming pool, restaurant, 400 double apartments, of which 80 (two complete modules) are already in operation, landing track ratified for airplanes with up to 20 places and starting from December of 2002, for airplanes with up to 30 to 50 places. The main attractions of the island are, naturally, the richness, exuberance, beauty and diversity of the area ecosystem, being three types: “varzea”, swamp and equatorial forest.