Apply for DXpedition Support


How IREF evaluates expeditions

The purpose of the following grading scale is to help with the decision of how much support is granted by IREF to an expedition. The areas of interest are the rarity of the island, number of operators, operating strategy, number of stations, QSL practices, the expense of reaching the island and the net experience of the expedition team. This process assists the board of trustees make its funding decision. Please note that IREF only funds expeditions that are claimed by 15% or less of IOTA chasers. The latest list on the rarity of an island is available here from the IOTA website using the All Time column as the criteria.

Rarity of Island (% claimed)

New IOTA (20 points)

0.1 to 5% (18 points)

5.1 to 10% (16 points)

10.1 to 15% (14 points)

Number of operators (an operator consists of a licence amateur radio operator)

3+ (10 points) 

2 (7 points) 

1 (3 points) 

Operating Strategy (the times represent operating hours for that day)

24 hours per day (10 points) 

18 hours per day (7 points) 

12 hours per day (5 points) 

8 hours per day (3 points) 

Number of days operating

4+ (10 points) 

3 (7 points) 

2 (5 points) 

1 (2 points) 

Number of bands used

7 to 9 (10 points) 

5 to 6 (9 points) 

4 – must include 4 of 5 primary bands of 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, 80m (8 points) 

3 – must include 3 of 5 primary bands of 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, 80m (6 points) 

2 – must include either 15m or 20m 1(5 points) 

1 – must be either 15m or 20m (2 points) 

Number of stations

2+ (10 points) 

1 (5 points) 

QSL Practice

Within 3 months (10 points) 

Within 4 months (7 points) 

Within 5 months (5 points) 

Expedition Experience

2+ expeditions based on difficult and success (6 to 10 points) 

1 expedition based on difficult and success (1 to 5 points) 

Difficulty of reaching the island and the net experience of the operating team will be evaluated and used to help make decisions regarding the funding of the expedition. This process can be used as an incentive for additional funding after the expedition if certain goals are attained. For example, a limited funding commitment to a certain expedition because of lack of experience, etc., however if a significant number of QSO’s, QSL timing, etc. are achieved additional funding could be forthcoming.

How to apply

Simply download the Application for DXpedition Sponsorship (Word Document), fill out the form and email it to IREF as per the instructions on the application.

Application for DXpedition Sponsorship