The Island Radio Expedition Foundation, (IREF), was founded in 1999 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance for expeditions to rare IOTA islands. The organization was formed by AD5A, N5UR, AB5EB and NI5DX after activating NA-209, H75A, for the first time. We could find no sponsors for our trip. No independent, IOTA only, expedition funding organization existed before IREF nor does one exists today. Many clubs and organizations contribute to IOTA expeditions, but none contribute to IOTA expeditions exclusively.

IREF has provided over $80,000 in funding since its inception and we depend on contributions from supporters every year to advance the sport of “Island Chasing”.

IREF is a 501(c)(3) organization. This designation allows US contributors to deduct contributions to IREF Inc. from their federal income taxes.

We are an international organization. The Board of Directors are made up of members from Great Britain, Portugal, Japan, and the United States. The Board will make all the expedition funding decisions.

The principles that the foundation is based on are:

  • To provide funding and other support for expeditions to IOTA qualified islands for the purposes of operating amateur radio & promote radio science through portable island operations.
  • To provide funding and other support to amateur radio resident on IOTA qualified islands where such assistance can be shown to improve their capabilities in achieving the same objectives.
  • Promote International goodwill through amateur radio.
  • Advance the body of knowledge for those interested in portable island radio operations in areas of expedition planning, antenna use and design, radio propagation studies, and general radio science.
  • Unite amateur radio operators as a potential force to deal with issues concerning the advancement of the amateur radio hobby.
  • Promote expedition effectiveness by encouraging multi-operator, around the clock operating.
  • Promote prompt QSL delivery.

To become an IREF supporter please visit Support IREF, any contribution will be appreciated.

IREF logo

IREF Officers

President – Mike Crownover   AD5A 

Vice President – Michael Crownover   AB5EB 

Treasurer – Charles Allen, CPA   W5DV

Secretary – Dragan Davkovski K0AP 

IREF Board of Directors

Jose de Sa   CT1EEB

Jim Nakajima   JA9IFF

Mike McGirr   K9AJ

Charles Wilmott   M0OXO

Buzz Jehle   N5UR

Don Chamberlain   W9DC

Bob Nadolny   WB2YQH